The Comau MATE Exoskeleton is Ready to Make Movement Easier

It may not be the power loader that Ripley used to kill the queen alien in Aliens, but the Comau MATE Exoskeleton is one step closer. The MATE—Muscular Aiding Tech Exoskeleton—is an ergonomically designed spring-based structure that has been engineered to help ease repetitive movement while also relieving effort and strain.

 comau mate exoskeleton robot

The idea behind the MATE is simple enough. The exoskeleton is strapped on, providing support for your back and helping you to maintain good posture. With several different positions available, MATE can be adjusted to fit any body type. MATE also matches physiological movement without resistance and without causing misalignment, which can result in injury. The spring-based mechanism helps to share the load of the work you’re doing, which reduces both muscular and cardiac fatigue.

The support also reduces the chances of injury, especially injuries caused by repetitive motions. MATE also helps improve the precision of repetitive tasks, and it increases efficiency and job quality.

 comau mate exoskeleton human body

MATE may not help you lift pallets or fight alien queens, but it can help you and your employees work smarter, safer, and better.

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