The Corsair Gaming Mouse Can Be Tweaked to Your Preferences

Swordmasters know the importance of balance when it comes to their swords. Having a properly balanced blade can make all the difference when it comes to duelling. Corsair has taken that principle and applied it to their Nightsword RGB Performance Tunable FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse.

The Nightsword uses software exclusive to Corsair to detect the mouse’s centre of gravity in real-time. It then adjusts its weight between 119 grams and 141 grams to fine-tune the balance to perfectly match your grip. That automatic adjustment feature couples with the Nightsword’s contoured shape and rubber grips inspired by professional sports equipment to provide you better feel and performance.

The mouse comes with two sets of weights that you can use in six mounting locations to crate 120 different weight and balance configurations. That weight control has the gaming world talking. Professional streamer Chris “Sacriel” Ball says, “Corsair mice have always felt like an extension of my arm. The Nightsword RGB with its custom weight tuning truly brings that feeling to a new level.”

corsair customize buttons for gamingmouse

Nightsword relies on a custom PixArt PMW3391 native 18,000 DPI optical scanner to track movement. Just like the mouse itself, the scanner is also adjustable in one DPI resolution steps. This feature lets you adjust sensitivity for ultra-accurate tracking. Nightsword offers up to 50G of acceleration with an impressive 400 IPS high-speed motion detection. All that means that you can zero in on your skill shots or stay locked on your targets.

You can further adapt the Nightsword mouse to your gaming preferences thanks to its 10 fully programmable buttons using Omron switches, allowing you to access macros and key Remaps.

top view corsair mouse

Another interesting feature is the ability of Nightsword to save its own onboard storage. You can also choose from dozens of presets and effects for backlighting. When it comes time for your online duels, you’ll be glad to have the balance and customisation of the Nightsword on your side.

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