The Dynamic Wifi Turntable from Yamaha

Yamaha is marketing a product under the slogan, “Vinyl Unleashed.” Here is a brief glimpse of what that means for this product: the MusicCast VINYL 500 Wi-Fi Turntable.

turntable top view

With the MusicCast system, you can stream music from your vinyl collection essentially. You can play vinyl records in high quality sonic experiences In addition to streaming digital music from your digital music collection.

side view turntable

Using MusicCast speakers, you can stream records right along with your digital music collection, so this is a perfect item for vinyl collectors. There is no need to attach wires and no receiver is required to use it either. Because it uses Wifi as opposed to Bluetooth, it has exceptional sound quality for a wireless streaming device. Use a MusicCast multi-room system for streaming records throughout the home too.

Check it out

turntable back view

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