The Future of Pipes

Sherlock Homes is one of the most famous fictional private detectives ever. Throughout all his intriguing investigations, his iconic pipe is the most memorable recurring element in the entire series. This is what inspired cigar pipe maker Peterson of Dublin.

the future of pipes designer jong hyuk bae

To celebrate their 150th anniversary, designer Jong Hyuk Bae generated the future of cigars. Mr. Bae also took inspiration from Sherlock Holmes’ famous deerstalker hunting cap, where the hat’s character lines and shape were applied to this design. The led indicator on the bowl interacts to the inhaling, that produces a swirl of light, which is similar to the original pipe. This provides users to feel the analog sentiments of the original pipes. It looks so majorly advanced that it doesn’t remotely even look like one at all. But this is definitely the future of pipes. Technology has wowed us once again.

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future of pipes feel sentiments of original pipes

the future of pipes