The JOOLA Infinity Robot is Your Ping Pong Sensei

You dominate. That’s what you do. Whatever you set your mind to doing, you’re going to find a way to be the best at it, and that includes ping pong.

Fortunately, becoming the best on the ping pong table is a whole lot easier now thanks to the JOOLA Infinity Ping Pong System. The JOOLA Infinity Robot is your competitive edge.

joola pingpong system has both iOS and Android app

The JOOLA Robot mounts quickly to your table and then starts sending balls your way to return. With a two-wheel design, the robot is able to produce topspin, underspin, side spin, and no spin serves for you to practice on. It oscillates 150 degrees side to side, allowing it to create ball trajectories of 30 degrees downward to 50 degrees upward.

It can also launch 30 to 100 balls per minute, each with varying speeds between 2.5 to 45 miles per hour.

Clean up is a breeze as well. JOOLA comes with an infinity-play net that recycles the balls as you send them back. This way, the robot goes non-stop—no need to pause your practice to reload the robot.

joola infinity robot

Finally, JOOLA is app-controlled with a mobile app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. The robot connects to your phone via Bluetooth. From the app, you can select from pre-programmed drills to learn the fundamentals that will improve your game—from serves to loops, pushes, and lobs.

You can also customise the settings for spin, frequency, speed, oscillation, and trajectory with the app. JOOLA is also working with world-ranked players and coaches to create even more content for the app. They’re also dialling in the accuracy of the robot so that you can create that one shot you always miss and then practice until you get it down.

JOOLA packages start at USAD$499.99 with six different offerings for you to choose from.

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