The Louis Vuitton Echo Grants Peace of Mind

Ah, the excitement of travel—then the reality sets in. The Louis Vuitton Echo confronts some of that difficulty. Nothing is worse than getting off a plane at your destination, fighting through the crowds of gawkers, complainers, and lollygaggers—and that’s just to get off the plane—to finally get to the baggage pick up. Then, after an interminable amount of time during which your anxiety rises as you watch the same luggage go round and round, you discover that for some reason your bags didn’t come with you. What’s next? Another long wait only to hear, “Huh, your bags didn’t arrive here.” Yeah, thanks. I already guessed that much. With just a promise that the bags will show up, you’re off to the hotel, putting your plans on hold until they do.

louis vuitton echo luggage

The Louis Vuitton Echo helps alleviate some of that worry. The internet-connected Echo fits into a pocket inside certain Louis Vuitton luggage or just inside other luggage (it measures roughly four inches, by one inch, by half inch) and allows you to track your luggage through the airport. It notifies you when your luggage has landed and even tracks if your bags were opened. The technology behind the Echo is provided by Sigfox and can be used in select airports in the US, Europe, South America, and parts of Southeast Asia.

With everything that could go wrong on a trip, peace of mind, or at least advance warning, about your luggage is a welcome addition.

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