The New Kindle Paperwhite is Tub Ready

The Amazon Kindle is still the giant of the e-reader industry, and they’re looking to stay on top with the release of their new Paperwhite reader. The new version updates the old 6-inch tablet with black and white E Ink screens to a sleek and slim reader that you can take anywhere.

One of the first things that will attract your attention about the new Paperwhite is that it has an IPX68 water-resistance rating, which means you can drop it into water for up to 30 minutes without it coming out water-slogged and worthless. Reading at the pool, the beach, and even the tub is now a possibility.

The new Paperwhite isn’t the first Amazon product to offer water resistance. The Oasis actually claims that title with the ability to survive two hours in the drink. But what the Paperwhite offers that the Oasis doesn’t is the second thing you’ll notice—and love—about the new Paperwhite. While the Oasis costs $250, the Paperwhite comes in at an affordable $130.

Next you’ll be pleased to discover that the new Paperwhite is lighter and thinner, measuring only 8.18mm thick and weighing only 182g. The six-inch, high-resolution 300 ppi display not only provides crisp and clear text, it also includes five LEDs with an adjustable front light. It also features the ability to switch between reading and listening. It also comes with twice the storage of previous versions, giving more space for audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, and comics. The new version will retain the old’s ability to block glare and a battery life that will last you weeks.

“Customers love the Kindle Paperwhite,” states Kevin keith, Vice President over Amazon devices, “and we’re excited to bring premium features—like a thinner lighter, flush-front design, additional storage, waterproofing, and Audible—to our most popular Kindle. We’ve also included six month of Kindle Unlimited for free so you can enjoy even more great content, including books, audiobooks, comics, and magazines. With the all-new Kindle Paperwhite, it’s never been easier to get lost in a story no matter where you go.”

Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy a good read and a good soak, or you can watch the kids in the pool without worrying about playful splashing destroying your e-reader. And you’ll be able to do it at a reasonable price.

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