The Pan/Tilt MINIBOT is Precious

Inspectorbots has been putting together multi-purpose robotic platforms for the masses at affordable prices for a while now. These robots are great for wireless video camera surveillance and are teleoperated. The Pan/Tilt MINIBOT takes what Inspectorbots has learned so far and combines it all into a single robotic platform—one bot to rule them all.

pan tilt minibot is precious

The Pan/Tilt MINIBOT uses a GoPro camera from which you can not only record but also control the robot with a smartphone. It also have 4WD functionality, making it possible to turn on a dime as well as climb over rough terrain. The 4WD is electric, giving the MINIBOT a high torque gearing. The robot is also FPV UGV—First Person View, Unmanned Ground Vehicle.

pan tilt minibot top view

You can drive this robot into unsafe areas and get a real picture of what’s going on. Because it can look up, down, left, and right, you can get all the details you need without having to endanger yourself. The Pan/Tilt MINIBOT is perfect for law enforcement or rescue operations, but is also great for engineering education and inspection.

With all its features and capabilities, the Pan/Tilt MINIBOT from Inspectorbots will have you quickly renaming it, “My Precious.”

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