The Polaroid Lab Turns Digital Analog

Making retro modern is a sound move, and Polaroid is cashing in on that movement with their new Polaroid Lab. A part of the Polaroid Originals line, the Polaroid Lab takes your digital photos and turns them into Polaroid instant photos. In fact, the lab even does its part to feel retro, using the aesthetics of the 1977 Polaroid OneStep camera.

Polaroid Lab instant film

The lab works like this. Set your phone with the photo you want printed displayed on the top of the lab. When the phone is properly aligned, a rainbow stripe lights up. The lab then basically takes a photo of your photo using three lenses. The new photo is then optimized for film before it prints it out. Polaroid describes the lab as “a miniature table top darkroom.” Users are required to have the Polaroid Originals app installed on their phone. The lab is said to work with iPhone 6 and up, as well as “most” Android devices. The lab is actually an update to The Impossible Project’s Instant Lab Printer from 2012. The company rebranded as Polaroid Originals and started offering retro cameras as well as printers and instant film.

The lab accepts all Polaroid film with the exception of SX-70. In addition to being able to print out a physical version of your digital photo, the lab can break up the photo into a collage of nine photos. The photos do still have the thick white border, but the retro look makes up for it. You can also associate a video with the photo using the Live Polaroids feature, which adds a touch of augmented reality to the photo. Additionally, using the app you can change up the settings of the lab, including exposure and color correction.

The lab is set to go on sale on October 10th and is marked at $130 US.

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