The Pulse Remote Is A Virtual 100 Foot Long Camera Operator

Sometimes you’re out on the move trying to take a photo and you just don’t have a free hand. Alpine Labs, a cool growing company in next generation photography, has us all covered with their new Pulse remote. Billed as the world’s most powerful and user-friendly camera remote, it’s actually believable when you read about the product.

two smartphone display view

The Pulse is a pocket sized remote which you can easily take with you on any adventure. The remote connects via the USB port and allows you to facilitate remote control easily from your mobile device via its Bluetooth connection and a free, intuitive app. Unlike other remotes that utilise a camera’s physical trigger port, the USB connection allows Pulse to wirelessly control ISO, shutter speed, aperture, start / stop video, preview images on the screen of your device, and boasts an operational range of up to 100 ft. You can basically do ever single thing you can do on a camera… but from so, so far away.

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pulse camera back side with remote