The RØDECaster Pro Turns Your Podcasting Dreams into Reality

If you’ve been reluctant to start a podcast because you think it will require a degree in audio engineering, then the RØDECaster Pro is here to prove otherwise. Pretty much ready to go right out of the box, this compact production studio is completely streamlined by design and effortless to operate. Whether you’re interviewing a small group of people in your home studio, or connecting by mobile phone, this brilliant piece of tech has you covered.

We’ve all seen what a massive soundboard looks like, with its endless spread of lights and controls. Even when the general platform is scaled down to size, it still delivers a daunting vibe, as if you’ll need to attend engineering school just to master one. It’s for this reason that a number of top podcasters bring on engineers or producers, since dealing with the audio set-up is beyond their reach.

With the RØDECaster Pro, all those issues are put to bed. Between its broad functionality and user-friendly interface, the production gear leaves no task behind. This is tech for the masses, which allows you to set-up your own podcast studio without needing to take out a bank loan or hire a producer. Functions like recording or loading up soundbites are literally as easy as pushing a button, plugging in a USB cord, or adjusting a fader. Again, if you’ve been hesitating to kick off a podcast because you think it will be too involved or expensive, then those excuses just flew out the window.

Optimisation is the name of the game and the RØDECaster Pro duly abides. Features include 4 high-quality microphone inputs (and outputs), 8 faders to control audio levels, programmable sound pads, Aphex audio processing, and Echo Free Phone connectivity, to name a few. Put it all together and throw in a one-touch recording button—which transmits to a MicroSD card or computer—and you have yourself pretty much everything a professional podcaster would.

Picture yourself in your home studio, with maybe one or two guests. In front of you is the RØDECaster Pro, which you’re keeping an eye on as you talk. Because of the individual microphone outputs, each respective guest has the exact audio levels they desire on their headphones. What’s more, you’re able to use single buttons on the console to monitor and check the audio sources of each guest, all without hindering another guest’s headphone output.

Let’s also assume you have some pre-recorded sound effects that you want to include on your show. Before the show began, you uploaded these effects either directly onto the console or onto your computer. If it was the latter, you transferred the audio file to the console by way of the companion app. When it’s time to play the desire sound effect, you simply press the appropriate sound pad and slide the fader up. Voila! The pre-recorded audio effect is now playing on your podcast.

The RØDECaster Pro is also a class-compliant USB interface, with its own designated USB channel. In turn, you’re able to transfer songs and other long stretches of audio from your laptop or PC onto the console. The USB channel is bi-directional, meaning you can additionally relay content from the console onto your computer, where you might have some podcasting software up and running. Like we said: this product has thought of pretty much everything.

To make an easy thing that much easier, the console screen provides useful information throughout your podcast. For example, it will inform you how long you’ve been recording and how much time you have left. All the while, the audio is being transferred onto a MicroSD card or directly onto your computer, meaning there are precious few steps involved when it comes time to upload the podcast.

The RØDECaster Pro has also mastered the art of capturing mobile interviews and with just two channels. Using either a TRRS jack or Bluetooth channel—both of which automatically provide a mix-minus—the console delivers echo-free and impeccably clear audio. That applies to not just regular mobile calls, but communications apps like Slack as well. Last but not least, you can transfer things like music into your podcast using this mobile connection method.

More and more people are taking to the digital airwaves these days, either as a hobby or a career. As with a lot of endeavours in this world, taking that first step is usually the hardest part. Thanks to the RØDECaster Pro, your first step doesn’t have to involve thousands of dollars or a degree in audio engineering. Take it out of the box and make your voice heard in a matter of minutes.

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