The SevenHugs Smart Remote

CES this year featured a variety of exciting new items that will look to inject the tech world with some new life in the coming months and years. Some of the more tame, but realistic items are those that can be connected as part of a smart home. One memorable device is the SevenHugs Smart Remote, The Smart Remote is currently in development, but when it finishes there are some lofty goals.

sevenhugs smart remote sound system

SevenHugs hopes to make it the world’s first contextual remote that can control any smart device in your home with the touch of a button. At present, the remote already works with smarthome staples such as Nest, Sonos, and Phillips Hue lightbulbs, and with an open developer’s kit, the possibilities of what it can control are literally endless. Stylish and sleek in a black finish, the remote will begin to be available for preorders soon with shipping on target for September of 2016.

sevenhugs smart remote in the box