The Smart Halo is a FitBit for your bike

In an age of fitness trackers, the Smart Halo ushers in a new chapter of tracking with the health conscious, adventurous cyclist in mind.

With FitBits designed for runners and walkers, those on two wheels have long been denied a way to measure the distance they cover. Enter the Smart Halo, a device that turns your ordinary bike into a smart bike. A small circular device you place on the middle of your handlebars, the Smart Halo acts as both navigator and personal trainer.

smart halo fitbit bike linking mobile gps

Linking up with your mobile’s GPS, the device is a handy nav-man capable of guiding you with directional light while also ensuring you never misplace your bike again. As a trainer, the Smart Halo will keep you motivated to ride faster and further as it tracks your every metre. On top of distance covered, you can also keep an eye on calories burned, elevation, speed and time. The ability to set goals and share your stats with the world meanwhile is sure to keep your wheels turning. Aesthetically, the Smart Halo is innately functional, designed to survive the harshest climates to create a smart, simple look.

The future has come for cyclists with the Smart Halo allowing those on two wheels to keep up in the fitness tracking race.

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