The Vive Cosmos May Be the Most Advanced VR Set Yet

HTC has been pretty tight-lipped about their upcoming Vive Cosmos VR set, other than to say that it is the most advanced set yet—and from what they have teased so far, they just might be right.

vive cosmos front view

According to HTC, the Cosmos can enable VR at 90 frames per second. It also reportedly has a resolution that is 88 per cent higher than the original HTC Vive. HTC also promises that the LCD display will have a 2880×1700 combined resolution with real RGB panels. The display will also have more subpixels, meaning that the lens clarity will be improved by some 40 per cent.

Vive also promises “striking graphics” and “lifelike sound” along with a new tracking system. With new gesture controls and a headset that offers six degrees of freedom, Vive Cosmos looks to be a more deeply engaging VR experience than any other VR set has been able to offer.

side camera on vive cosmos set

HTC has also addressed the “screen door” effect so common among many VR sets, thanks to the improved screen. HTC also promises that set up will be a breeze for the new Cosmos. There hasn’t been much revealed about that setup, but it most likely will involve two side-facing cameras.

The controllers are also being updated to a more familiar gaming set up that is equipped with a light ring on their exterior that appears to be used for tracking purposes (though they look cool as well). Finally, HTC has reportedly come up with a flip-up design that lets you quickly raise and lower the headset for when you need to transition between the virtual and real worlds.

vive advance VR set

There hasn’t been any word on pricing yet, but the 2016 Vive and 2018 Vive Pro both used Valve’s SteamVR Tracking technology. Valve shipped their Index VR headset with the 2.0 version of the SteamVR Tracking technology and marked the whole kit, including tracking base stations, controllers, and HMD, at around $1,000, so that may be a good point to plan on.

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