The X-Tankcopter: First Ultimate All-Terrain Drone Takes on Any Terrain

Remote control vehicles are a lot of fun. From cars to helicopters to drones to tanks—it doesn’t matter which terrain you’re conquering, you’ll have a lot of fun operating an RC vehicle. But why not double your fun by combining those vehicles. Product designer Witek Mielniczek came up with the idea of combining a drone with a tank, and that’s how the world’s first ultimate all-terrain drone, the X-Tankcopter, came to being.


The Tankcopter has two tank treads that go over the top and bottom of the four 3.6 inch propellers. The result is that the Tankcopter can travel both on ground and in the air. The treads allow the tank portion to conquer any terrain with impressive climbing ability, as well as enough speed and torque to drift and perform other maneuvers. And when you’re finally at your LZ (Landing Zone) you can seamlessly take off into drone mode.

Like most drones, the Tankcopter comes with an HD camera. It is powered by four 8.5 x 23 mm coreless motors for the propellers and two 7 x 16 mm coreless motors for the treads. A 900 mAh battery provides enough juice for a seven minute flight or a 15–20 minute drive (12–15 minutes of mixed use). It’s controllable via smartphone or an included remote control and it is VR Goggle compatible. You can also program in a route for the Tankcopter to follow. By land or by air, the Tankcopter is ready to conquer.

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