Theragun G3Pro Keeps Athletes Moving

Pain relief, speedy recovery, and injury prevention—three topics that are vitally important to both professional and amateur athletes. How do you get that trifecta of performance and health? With the Theragun G3Pro.

Theragun G3Pro handle

The G3Pro is an updated version of the Theragun, but this version is now 50 per cent quieter, with a battery life that lasts 60 per cent longer. You can use the G3Pro for longer and be less disruptive with it. The gun uses local vibration therapy to treat muscle discomfort, which helps improve recovery and mobility.

The G3Pro has been set to scientifically established frequencies to interrupt the pain signals being passed on to your brain so that it is less painful during treatment. The treatment itself is proven to decrease lactic acid buildup, increase blood flow to the muscles, prevent muscle spasms, and break down scar tissue.

edge view Theragun G3Pro

The G3Pro has been completely redesigned to be more ergonomic and includes six attachments that were all designed by physicians in order to meet the needs of a variety of body types, needs, and injuries. You can also select from standard speeds of 2400 RPMs, for deeper and more intense treatment, and 1750 RPMs for those sensitive areas.

Whether you’re paid to play, or you play for your own pleasure, having the Theragun G3Pro will keep you in the action.

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