Think Big – The Samsung Galaxy Note7

With the unveiling of any new smartphone there usually comes a small avalanche of hyperbole making it hard to tell whether the next revolution is really here or whether a technology company is just keeping pace with contemporary trends. Since we don’t yet have our hands on a Galaxy Note7 we’ll reserve actual judgement, but based on the specs the latest smartphone from Samsung sure as hell sounds pretty spectacular.

samsung galaxy note7 black with touch pen

The Note7 promises to bring users a new tier of performance with a smartphone that’s exceptionally interactive. The device features a curved 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED screen that’s capable of streaming HDR video and compatible with Oculus VR for true next level immersion. The Note7 S Pen can bring your ideas to life as soon as inspiration strikes, and you can share the animations you’ve created through Smart Select and Air Command functions, which come equipped with a slew of additional features.

samsung galaxy note7 working with touch pen

For those who like their smartphones sturdy and secure the Note7 is again (theoretically) offering a new frontier of execution. For one it utilises iris-scanning technology to deliver the kind of security you’d normally see in the newest Mission: Impossible instalment. The Note7 is also so waterproof that some marketing snapshots show it dripping in water as though it was retrieved from the bottom of the ocean and still completely operational.


Needless to say, Samsung is definitely thinking big with the new Note7. As to whether the phone is genuinely raising the bar or merely riding a wave of half-delivered promises–we’ll let you know once we get our hands on one!

Check it out

samsung galaxy note7 blue with touch pen

galaxy note7 grey rearview with touch pen

galaxy note7 standing preview with flip cover

samsung galaxy note7 lens and black cover

samsung galaxy note7 black with qwerty keyboard

samsung galaxy note7 with attached qwerty keyboard

samsung gear vr black