THINO Charges your Devices 3 Times Faster

With all of the excellent devices available to us nowadays, from smartphones to smartwatches to fitness trackers, charging can be a real problem. Keeping everying fully juiced takes on extra importance when you need to find a piece of vital info and your battery suddenly drops to 1%. The THINO Charger, created by a Munich-based company called VIGLO, aims to solve all your woes with their new high-speed charging technology.

thino ultra compact power bank and charger

Regardless of the operating system your device runs on, THINO’s smart auto detection technology enables it to charge devices up to three times faster than the conventional charging systems you might be used to. Additionally, THINO has a built-in battery to provide that extra bump of power in emergency situations. THINO was designed for the user who takes their devices on the go, and is equipped with a unique locking design that allows you to attach it to your clothes, accessories or bags for easy transport.

thino charger cable connect with laptop and phone

thino charger laptop connector and power button

thino charger all side view

thino emergency charging with phone