Tile Finds Even More Things with Their New Slim and Sticker

Admit it, you’ve done it. You’ve stood in a room, hands on hips, a confused expression on your face, wondering, “Where did I put. . . . .” whether it’s your keys, phone, remote, or even a child’s favorite toy. Tile has been helping people find their lost items with Bluetooth-enabled devices for a while now, and now they’re expanding their range of products to include Slim and Sticker.

Tile’s Sticker is the smallest of the product family. The circular device measures 27mm x 7.3mm. It’s designed to be attached to those things that you want to keep track of without getting in the way. You can stick it to. Slim is designed to slip into narrow spaces. Just the thickness of two credit cards, Slim can be put into your wallet, pocket, or binders. You can also stick it onto devices, like tablets, and because it lies flat, it won’t change how your device sits.

Tile new range with Slim and Sticker

Tile uses an app to help you find objects that you’ve lost. You can adhere their different products or attach them to just about anything. Then, when you can’t find what you’re looking for, just turn to the app and click to find it. Tile can even tap into other devices running the Tile app through its “Community Find” feature to find your lost item and let you know where it is. It can also notify you if you’ve left something behind. Tile products have a three year battery life. The batteries are irreplaceable, which allows the devices to be smaller and to achieve an IPX7 water resistance. While that means that the devices will have to go straight to the trash sometime, Tile does make those products out of 99.9 percent recyclable materials.

The Tile Sticker pack comes with two trackers for $39.99 or four trackers for $59.99. You can pick up a Slim for $29.99, or check out the different packs that combine multiple products for differing prices. Tile can help you keep things from getting lost, or even stolen, with their new Slim and Sticker options.

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