Tim Zarki’s ‘A Fan’ Gets the Job Done and Does it in Style

Depending on where you’re reading this from, you may have already been hit with the heatwave railing down upon a lot of the world. If that’s the case, a desk fan may have taken residency within the confines of your office or cube. Although effective, is that fan disrupting the feng fhui of your workspace?

desk fan top view

Poorly designed fans often carry unwelcomed looks, obtrusive noise, and unnecessary power losses. All of that can be eliminated with “A Fan”, from designer Tim Zarki. A Fan’s individualistic form not only allows for high levels of customization as to where air is delivered and the speed at which is does so, but it instantly becomes an eye-catching addition to your desk, without being a distraction.

side view fan

A concrete base plants the fan on your desk or table-top and gives a utilitarian aspect to the design, creating a fun juxtaposition to the refined and meticulously designed body. Each and every aspect of the fan has been considered, even down to the exposed screws that unabashedly stand out from the clean frame and the neon highlighter on-off switches that hold down the rope power cable.

tilt to top desk fan

A Fan delivers an experience that is both effective and attractive, something that is rare in products which exist to serve a practical purpose.

Check it out

fan back view

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