Today’s Brands Re-imagined as 1990’s Technology

We live in a digital world, but it wasn’t always that way. Back in the day, companies weren’t just represented by electronic icons on a screen. Actual products were used to reflect what the company was about, and what they did. Yanko Design has posted Thomas Ollivier’s reimagining of today’s avatars as yesterday’s technology.

whatsapp avatars

Ollivier imagined several of today’s most popular services as products that existed long before the world was worried about Y2K. Spotify is represented by a cassette-playing Walkman—with voice activation. Netflix received the View-master treatment in its iconic red and white colours.

Ollivier took a slight jab at Facebook, reimagining the social media giant as an old school beeper with no likes (perhaps in reference to our addition to online validation?). The only choice for Instagram would have to be a disposable camera—the first massive sharing media for pictures. WhatsApp is a walkie-talkie, and Google is a toy computer. Adobe Illustrator is represented by an etch-a-sketch. And Snapchat is a product that looks familiar, but seems to have been lost in the ‘90s.

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google search avatars

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