Try on All Things Gucci with Their New AR Smartphone App

The modern age of shopping is completely foreign to how shopping used to happen. Before, brick and mortar stores ruled the day, and if you couldn’t get to those locations, then you were pretty much out of luck. Now you can get pretty much anything you want over the internet and in online stores. Of course, increased availability isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes you have no idea what something on the screen will actually look like on you.

Gucci’s app is changing shopping yet again with their app, which actually lets you try on their items in augmented reality.

gucci app

Using the Gucci app, you can try on the fashion house’s Ace sneakers so that you can see how the shoes would look on your feet just by clicking on the Ace Sneakers button in the app (obviously you have to download the app first). Using the app, you just point your phone’s camera at your feet and you’ll see them sporting Ace sneakers. You can even move around to see the shoes at different angles.

It’s not just the shoes that you can check out in the app. You can also digitally try on a pair of Gucci sunglasses and share a photo of you wearing the glasses with your friends. The app has plenty of other content as well, including wallpapers and home screens for your phone as well as videos and images of the brand’s ready-to-wear and accessories lines.

If you’re looking to spruce up the look of a room, you can use the augmented reality to see how Gucci Décor would look in a space. You can also personalize Ophidia totes and Ace sneakers in the app. And there’s even an arcade game—“Gucci Ace.”

Fashionistas and shoppers alike will love this app and all the options it provides.

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