Turn Your Galaxy S8 into a Desktop with Samsung’s DeX

Although you probably use your smartphone for a lot of things, it probably doesn’t replace your desktop PC—yet. It’s almost impossible to do certain things on a small smartphone screen. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do away with your laptop or desktop PC completely and use your smartphone for everything?

Many companies, including Motorola and Apple, have tried their hands at creating docks that connect smartphone screens to a desktop. Unfortunately, none of them has worked out very well. One to take any challenge, Samsung decided to try its hand at creating a mobile-to-desktop dock. It looks like Samsung has succeeded where others have failed.

samsung galaxy s8 connect with desktop monitor

Samsung’s new DeX dock for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ supports a monitor, keyboard and mouse through an HDMI connection. This dock may be one of the best docks yet and change how people use smartphones in the future.

The DeX has several advantages over some of the previous docks by Motorola and Microsoft. It is designed for the Galaxy S8, which is incredibly powerful. Second, it can access Android apps that have been optimised for the dock to provide you with a full-screen experience that is incredibly PC-like.

The dock, which looks like a candle holder, is powered by a USB-C connection. Other features include two USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet jack and Bluetooth compatibility.

image resize in samsung monitor

There is no doubt that any cell phone would get hot when connected to a monitor. Therefore, Samsung decided to take care of this problem by including a special cooling fan that is integrated into the dock. This fan will keep your smartphone cool when you are using it as a desktop.

Overall, this is a useful dock that should prove to be a good tool for anyone that wants to use their S8 with a desktop monitor and other peripherals.

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