2020 is the Year for Vizio’s First-Ever OLED Screen

Vizio is looking at 2020 as its opportunity to introduce its first-ever OLED TV. The move will bring it into the ranks of other companies like Sony and LG, who have been selling OLEDS for a couple years now, and Konka and Skyworth, newcomers that are pushing this display technology. Vizio won’t be abandoning its LCD offerings, but the OLED screen promises to be the new flagship product for the company.

Vizio OLED TV for gaming

Vizio’s OLED screens will be available in 55- and 65-inch sizes. What makes this announcement particularly exciting, however, is Vizio’s place in the market. They sit in the number three position in terms of sales in the US, coming in after Samsung and TCL. Vizio offers both cheaper and high-end screens like their M-Series and P-Series Quantum X. That market share and reputation could serve to help drive down the prices on OLED screens, making them more accessible to the world at large. Just where Vizio will get their panels is a bit of a mystery, but the likely source is LG Display, who is the only company producing large OLED panels.

Vizio OLED TV processor

Vizio will be using their IQ Ultra processor for upscaling on the screen. The TV will also come with Vizio’s new voice remote and will include SmartCast 4.0, which is new and improved for this year. The unit will have HDMI 2.1 ports and will support all major HDR formats, which means Dolby Vision and HDR10+ will be a part of the package. The screen is also borderless and extremely thin at only 4mm. You can also pair it with Vizio’s Elevate Sound Bar, which supports 5:1.4 channel Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio. Vizio has also promised that the screen will feature its Pro Gaming Engine, which boasts a variable frame rate support and an auto game mode to detect automatically which console it is connected to so that it can switch to low-latency game modes without having to bother with messing with the settings.


No word on when the OLED screen will be available or for how much, but Vizio has promised to keep value-conscious shoppers in mind on deciding that.

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