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2023 LG Lifestyle TVs are Breaking Ground for Interior Design

How do you take your television? That might seem like an odd question until you check out the 2023 range of TVs from LG Electronics Australia. Recently unveiled in Sydney, this line-up is being touted as the brand’s most innovative, intuitive, and personalised to date. It picks up where various high-resolution predecessors left off and marks the 10-year anniversary of OLED screen technology, first introduced by LG back in 2013.

Those in the market can expect ultra-sharp colour quality, life-like picture resolution, perfect blacks and infinite contrast as millions of pixels turn on and off. But what really separates this range from the standard fare is the elevated nod toward modern lifestyles and sensibilities, resulting in TVs that accommodate your multitude of viewing habits, interests, and interior designs. And so the LG revolution – and evolution – continues.

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At the recent event in Sydney, LG Electronics Australia Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment Tony Brown explained, “This year’s range has been specifically designed around delivering personalised entertainment experiences to consumers. When we look at our line-up, from our QNED range to the unique form factors of our OLED and Lifestyle TVs, we have ushered in a new era of LG televisions that allows consumers to personalise their home entertainment products to their design tastes.”

Interior design and lifestyle expert Lucy Glade-Wright – who founded Hunting for George – was also present at the event. She commented, “For many Australians, the home is a space for expression and more people are taking creative risks when it comes to design. As a result, we are seeing a lot of Australians selecting their TV and entertainment technology first, and designing their space around it. This allows people to achieve seamless integration and make the most of the space that they are working with.”

Glade-Wright went on to add, “This is what I love about the LG OLED and Lifestyle TVs, specifically the Posé and Easel OLED TVs. Both offer entertainment excellence with OLED technology but also have a sculptural feel to them. It is almost like a stand-alone piece of art in the home. The LG StanbyME is also a great display that provides Australians with the ability to create an ambient and accessible experience within the home, by allowing users to move the screen with them to a space that feels best.”

Lg oled g3 lifestyle imagery
LG OLED G3 | Image: LG

Meet the New LG OLED TV Range

To say that LG Electronics Australia pulled out all the stops with its 2023 TV range would be an understatement, as the brand is releasing 33 new models in total. Leading the charge is the flagship LG OLED evo G3, which made the most significant improvements over its already formidable predecessor. It comes in sizes ranging from 55 to 88 inches and runs on the company’s own Alpha9 Gen 6 AI Processor with integrated AI-assisted deep learning technology.

Additional features such as Booster Max technology, new Light Control Architecture, and an OLED evo panel take the image and colour quality to brilliant new heights. In fact, LG is saying that this series now delivers its brightest-ever 4K OLED picture for ultra-realistic images and details across shows, movies, games, and sports.

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LG OLED M | Image: LG

Wireless LG Signature OLED M Stands Out

When it comes to pure innovation, don’t sleep on the new LG Signature OLED M, i.e. the brand’s first truly wireless OLED TV. Slated for a September release, it works in tandem with a separate Zero Connect box and opens up all kinds of interior design possibilities. With the absence of clutter and cables comes a minimalist framework with a modern performance to match. Mount it on the wall and behold its unique ability to lay completely flat and blend effortlessly with its surroundings.

With modern Aussies in mind, LG is also expanding upon its Lifestyle TV range by way of new form factors and design-friendly features. Nowhere is that more evident than with two new LG Objet OLED models – Posé and Easel – which transcend functionality to become an active part of your office space or home decor. Similarly accommodating to modern lifestyles is LG’s StanbyME, a rotatable and portable touchscreen display that comes perched atop a slim mount. And the brand is truly flexing with the LG OLED Flex and its bendable 42-inch OLED screen, which can go flat to curved with 20 incremental settings along the way.

These are but a few choice examples of the many models LG Australia unveiled at the event in Sydney. Each and every TV offers a masterclass in design, performance, and technology with the direct goal of accommodating and even enhancing Aussie lifestyles and decor.

Lg oled easel edition lifestyle imagery on stnad
LG Easel | Image: LG

Adding Personalised Touches With WebOS

Touting wireless options and bendable screens, LG’s 2023 TV line-up clearly goes big on versatility and personalisation. However, the brand is taking things a step further by customising your entertainment experience and redefining your very notion of television in the process. Enter ‘Home webOS,’ the all-new feature that turns a single screen into a full-blown gateway of viewer engagement. With just a few controls or commands, you can gain seamless access to different Quick Cards such as Home Office, Gaming, Music, and Sports.

True to form, ‘Home webOS’ dials up the performance aspect and puts the ‘smart’ in Smart TV. Use the Home Office Card to convert your LG TV into a modern workstation, complete with access to cloud-based platforms like Windows 365 or Google Drive. The Gaming Card, meanwhile, connects to services like GeForce NOW, Twitch, and YouTube. With the Music Card, you can experience quick access to popular streaming services, whilst the Sports Card offers real-time updates and alerts on your favourite leagues, teams, and events.

From an AI Concierge to effortless sound bar integration to multiple viewing modes to expanded gaming features and more, LG Australia’s 2023 TV line-up has the user experience down to a science. Combine that with the dynamic and sleek design choices and you’re looking at one of the most innovative and intuitive ranges to ever arrive on native soil. Price goes as high as $15,999 and as low as $899 and a truly modern product is guaranteed no matter where you land. Welcome to the next evolution of home entertainment, as brought to you by LG Electronics Australia.

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LG Posé | Image: LG

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