The C SEED 262 Is the Biggest TV You Can Buy

Do you think your 75-inch TV is pretty impressive? Well, wait until you lay eyes on the C SEED 262. This 262-inch (6.65m) widescreen TV is the world’s largest non-projection television. It weighs in at 1,764 pounds (800 kg), which means that you can’t exactly hang it from the wall.

The C SEED 262 features an integrated 4k media server that allows you to choose from a variety of content. Combined with an impressive ten-speaker sound system, it allows you to transform your TV room into a movie theatre.

c seed 262 tv on the wall

This TV is equipped with black LED, which provides an exceptional contrast ratio of 5,000:1. It features 800 nits of brightness with auto brightness control, which makes it ideal for use in bright rooms. The latest UHD technology provides a true colour spectrum and dynamic picture.

A high-end motorised fabric cover comes down over the screen when it is not in use. This allows you to disguise the TV as a painting with just the click of a button. Other features include HDMI inputs and outputs, USB connections and a Novastar 4K LED controller.

c seed 262 tv back side view

Unfortunately, as cool as the C SEED 262 sounds, you’d probably have to be Justin Bieber to afford one of these things as it costs more than most houses. It costs over $500,000 plus another $38,500 for installation. If you do happen to own a mansion though, this thing would be perfect for a remote corner of your crib.

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c seed 262 tv increase beauty sitting room

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