C Seed Offers the World’s Largest Outdoor TV

Watching TV has always been an indoor activity, but C Seed is out to change that. Their new TV isn’t just an outdoor screen, it’s also the largest in the world.

c seed The World's Largest Outdoor TV

The TV is an LED TV that folds on itself and disappears into the ground when not in use. When you’re ready for a bit of outdoor binge-watching, or if you want to catch the big game while you’re catching a few rays, the TV is deployed from its underground bunker. The screen rises and unfolds in just 25 seconds. Even though it’s modular, when fully unfolded, the screen is a seamless 201-inch display with a 16:9 ratio.

Nearly 4 million LEDs are used in the screen, and it has a 100,000 Hz refresh rate. Additionally, you can adjust the height of the screen so that you’re not having to peer over someone’s head, or if you don’t want to crane your neck to get a good view. The screen can also rotate 135 degrees to the left or right. It’s also moisture-resistant, so no worries about the sprinklers, rain, or ground moisture.

The TV comes equipped with sensors that detect bad weather, wind, and temperature to keep the system safe. Even sunny weather isn’t a problem thanks to the TV’s 48-bit colour depth and 4:500:1 contrast ratio, not to mention its 4,5000 nits of luminosity. The TV supports HDR technology and 4K video.

The World's Largest Outdoor TV

The TV comes with a six-speaker sound system that has left and right audio channels and three 700W subwoofers. That’s a system robust enough that you’ll have jealous neighbours even if they can’t see the giant screen. The TV is radio controlled and uses a digital wireless HD video link or a glass-fibre data line for the playing of content.

A system like this isn’t going to come cheap, and you can plan on forking over USD$655,000 for it.

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