Could This LG Home Theatre Setup Stop You From Going Out to Movies For Good?

Between the stunning resolution and razor sharp design, LG’s latest OLED TV will simply spoil you. Trust us. We tried one on for size and home viewing will never be the same. Throw in the LG SJ9 Soundbar (with subwoofer)–which now supports Dolby Atmos sound–and you’ll never leave the house to see movies again. Epic is hardly the word. LG’s Signature OLED Smart TV G7T is 65 inches of pure cinematic luxury with the hefty price tag to show for it. Let’s break it down.


lg latest oled tv side view


Just how thin does thin get? Try 2.57 mm, which is almost enough to slide LG’s beautiful baby under a door. The only exception to the G7T’s runway-ready body is at the base, where there’s a stand with four HDMI ports, three USB ports, and a built-in sound system. However, the stand folds behind the TV when you mount it on the wall, creating an impressively modern and uniform vibe. Suffice to say, the G7T aesthetic is truly impressive–nearing “work of art” magnitude when placed on the wall within a well-executed decor. It’s also worth mentioning that the LG Signature OLED TV is a flat square, so if you’re more the curvy type, Samsung awaits you.


lg latest oled tv on the view


Being a smart TV, the LG G7T’s features are accordingly intelligent and extensive. The television comes equipped with Wi-Fi, supports 4K UHD HDR streaming, and runs on webOS version 3.5, a resoundingly accessible platform. Netflix is included for free, while the TV is also compatible with Amazon, YouTube and other streaming services.

Thanks to Magic Remote, finding your favourite shows and movies has never been easier, nor has uncovering information about those same shows and movies. Seriously, the remote hosts a slew of nifty features. Among them is Magic Link, which can bring up instant information about content on screen, and a Magic Zoom feature, allowing users to enlarge and record any part of the image. That’s joined by the ability to control 360 degree VR footage and toss it up on the big screen. Magic, indeed.


lg latest oled tv screen view

Visual Performance

With over a billion colours at its disposal, along with self-lighting pixels and the eradication of backlighting, OLED has become a modern benchmark in TV resolution. LG was an early champion of the technology, and as such, the G7T’s picture and colour quality is simply magnificent. Thanks to Active HDR with Dolby Vision, the colour contrast in particular is tippy top-shelf. That is, the darks and dark and the brights and bright and the two extremes never bleed into one another no matter how close they get. Meanwhile, the brightness factor duly announces itself as on previous LG TVs, but here it delivers more range, resulting in sharper detail and pronounced naturalism. Put simply, the visuals are authentic and brilliant.


lg latest oled tv sound system

Audio Performance

While the G7T’s built-in 4.2 channel, 80W sound system–which allegedly offers Dolby Atmos sound–is far more than sufficient, it won’t truly immerse your head in a sonic bubble. For that, you’ll need the LG SJ9 Soundbar and subwoofer, which definitely delivers Dolby Atmos sound. Consequently, the audio was everywhere, even with the soundbar placed dead centre at the front of the room.

To be specific, the SJ9 uses 5.1.2 channels to bounce 500W of power off every spare surface in the room. The result is an immersive, 360 degree bubble of three-dimensional surround sound that’s overflowing in detail and clarity during games, shows and movies alike. The SJ9 can also serve as premium audio player that boosts music resolution to 24-bit/192khz. It all comes in a slim, elegant body, making the soundbar’s muscular fortitude that much more impressive.

lg latest oled tv black screen

As if not already obvious, we were huge fans of the LG OLED Smart TV G7T. It’s a thin, sexy stunner of a television, bringing us all one step closer to those killer wall units they used in the original Total Recall. Throw in the brilliant resolution and copious amounts of intelligence and usability, and the TV offers one perfect excuse not to go to the movies, rather let the movies come to you. If you have to ask how much it costs, then you probably can’t afford one. If you can afford one, remember to throw in the soundbar–you’ll be happy you did.

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