LG Rollable TV Has Grown Up

In 2016, LG introduced a Rollable TV. That first version was an 18-inch display panel, but in the recent 2018 CES, LG unveiled their 65 inch rollable TV.

The TV is a 4K OLED ultra-high definition display that literally rolls up just like a projection screen. If you’re having a hard time picturing that, then imagine a long, thin box. The screen rises from the box into three different positions. The first provides about a quarter of the screen, which is perfect for news and weather updates or for smart home information, music controls, or other updates. The second position is at the 21:9 aspect ratio—the cinema ratio. What’s nice about this setting, however, is that you can watch widescreen movies without the black bars. The final setting is the 16:9 ratio, which is perfect for television viewing. Color quality and viewing angle benefits seem unimpaired by the ability to roll—you still get those stunning images that OLEDs are capable of.

lg rollable tv quarter screen drawback lack sound

The one drawback to the rollable TV is its lack of sound—evidently rollable speakers haven’t been invented yet. Still, you can connect the TV to any sound bar or system and you’re set. Although LG doesn’t have any immediate plans to make this screen available to the public, it can’t be that far off.

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