LG “Future-Proofed” its New 8K OLED TVs

LG unveiled a whopping 13 new TV models at CES 2020 including the GX Gallery series which we covered right here, although the real stars of the line-up are the 8K OLED TVs.

Not only do the 8K TVs deliver native 8K resolution, but LG says they are also future-proofed against changes in how we access media by supporting a wide range of formats. With 8K technology still in its infancy, it’s great to see LG wanting to extend the life of your potentially pricey investment.

The new OLED models will support 8K content from HDMI, USB, and via streaming, along with a selection of codecs, including AV1, which is backed by YouTube. LG says its TVs are capable of streaming 8K content at 60FPS and are certified to deliver 8K 60P over HDMI. It’s true that there isn’t much 8K content available right now, but like I said – future-proofing.


The 2020 line-up includes OLED 8K TVs with 88 and 77-inch displays, while the slightly smaller 75 and 65-inch models feature NanoCell technology. NanoCell is said to offer far more vivid colours and more lifelike images for the viewing experience that the director intended.

LG’s latest TVs also feature upgraded performance thanks to the new generation AI Processor. Based on an intelligent deep learning network, the new TVs will analyse content and upscale to 8K by applying noise reduction and enhancing the sharpness of lower resolution content.

The processor is capable of recognising faces and text on screen, fine-tuning and sharpening each to produce more natural skin tones, distinct facial features, and clearer, more readable characters. Also, its Auto Genre Selection recognises the type of content being watched and automatically applies the ideal picture settings across four genres: movie, sports, standard and animation.

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The AI will also affect sound focusing on five categories –music, movies, sports, drama, and news – spoken words are isolated, and their volume increased, while background noises are identified and the scene mixed to virtual 5.1 surround for a heightened level of viewer immersion.

The new TVs are expensive, meaning 8K is still out of reach for many. If you’re cashed up and ready for the next big thing in home entertainment, the 88-inch model is available for AU $59,999. For more on CES 2020, take a look at the 10 Best Tech Products revealed this year.

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