Panasonic’s HZ2000 is Meant for Movie Lovers

If you’re a cinephile, then you’ll want to take note of Panasonic’s HZ2000. The new OLED TV from Panasonic is targeted specifically at people who love to watch movies, and who require the best picture quality while doing so. The HZ2000 marks the first OLED TV from Panasonic that supports both Dolby Vision IQ and Filmmaker Mode—two features that let you watch movies in the way the film creators intended for them to be viewed.

Panasonic's HZ2000 side view

Panasonic turned to their Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel to build the HZ2000. Turns out that was a pretty smart move as the Professional Edition offers an extra 20 percent peak brightness compared to other OLED TVs. That extra performance will come in handy with Dolby Vision IQ. This feature intelligently optimizes picture quality no matter what the content is or what the ambient light is like. “Dolby Vision IQ uses Dolby Vision dynamic metadata to intelligently display every detail of the content, adjusting to the brightness of the room. With Dolby Vision and now Dolby Vision IQ, viewers will see things that the creator intended in any room and with any content type,” states Panasonic. Add in Filmmaker mode, which turns off motion smoothing and ensures the correct color, aspect ratio, and frame rates, and you’ll get a picture that you can truly enjoy. Panasonic also promises that “viewers will also for the first time on Panasonic TVs be able to calibrate Dolby Vision content” with their new calibration feature that lets viewers adjust black levels. Though you may not want to take advantage of that feature as the set comes tuned by Hollywood expert Stefan Sonnenfield for maximum color accuracy. Of course, picture isn’t the only part of a movie experience, so Panasonic is equipping the HZ2000 with its 360 degree Soundscape pro, which features upward-firing speakers and support for Dolby Atmos’s spatial sound stage.

If you want to get the most out of your movie viewing experience, then you’ll want to consider picking up Panasonic’s new HZ2000. It was made with cinephiles in mind, and with the vision of letting you view your film in the way its creators intended.

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