Samsung Unveils New 2018 TV Line Up

Never one to stop innovating, Samsung recently introduced its new 2018 TV lineup at the company’s First Look New York event. As one might expect, the ubiquitous electronics brand has cranked the performance dial up another notch, improving upon every conceivable category. More to the point, Samsung’s latest lineup of QLED, UHD, Premium UHD and Ultra-Large Screen TVs delivers greater picture quality, faster connectivity and loads of convenience, along with features like Direct Full Array, Bixby and Ambient Mode.

new samsung tv on the wall

Samsung’s flagship QLED TV is still the brand’s surest scene-stealer, and the 2018 incarnation doesn’t disappoint. Included among its bevy of features is Ambient Mode, which is basically the real-life equivalent of the digital wallpaper from the original Total Recall movie. Equipped with advanced sensors, Ambient Mode can produce images in accordance with the TV’s surroundings, display weather and traffic reports, and even automatically turn off when people leave the room. Also included on the TV is Direct Full Array contrast technology, which optimises contrast down to the last detail. Meanwhile, Smart TV has never been smarter or more accessible. Tying it all together is One Invisible Connection, a solitary Teflon-wrapped cord that connects the TV with any and all peripheral devices.

samsung ultra large screen tv

The new Samsung lineup will consist of over 11 models in a broad range of sizes with either curved or flat displays. For those who seek only the most epic entertainment, Samsung is offering no less than four Ultra-Large Screen TVs, which start at 75″ and go up from there. Suffice to say, you have your options, all of them smart, immersive and beautiful. The electronics brand simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

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samsung tv hd quality display

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