TV Barrow Takes Entertainment Wherever You Are

The TV Barrow, by CW&T, is just what it sounds like it would be—a wheelbarrow for your TV. Watching your favorite program or movie used to be confined to a single room because TVs were just too big and bulky to put them in any other room than the living room. The advent of flat screen technology changed all that, making any room in the house with a wall a potential site for your TV. The challenge isn’t location anymore. Instead, it’s affordability. Even with prices dropping on TVs, outfitting each possible room where you might enjoy a program just isn’t feasible. That’s where the TV Barrow comes in. Now you can simply wheel your TV to wherever you want to watch, even up or down stairs.

tv barrow side view

The TV Barrow consists of a 700c road bike wheel attached to a bicycle fork. The fork, rather than connecting to a bike, connects to a standard one-inch aluminum tube. Mounting brackets for your TV are attached to the tube, which terminates in a handle and two legs. The TV Barrow is designed to fit 32 inch to 42 inch screens, though custom builds are available. The different parts of the TV Barrow are attached with set screws, which makes it possible to collapse the legs and tilt the screen.

back view tv barrow

The TV Barrow frees you of any restrictions when it comes to the location of your viewing pleasures.

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