12 Days of Christmas – Day 3 UE Megaboom Portable Speaker

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If you’ve ever used a UE wireless speaker, you know how cool they are. The UE boom is about the size of a tall boy beer can, with the sound quality of expensive speakers. Both in terms of quality and style options, they are market leading and always worth checking out when making decisions around wireless music playback. The UE Megaboom is basically the same thing, just bigger, more powerful, and a bit more expensive.

ue megaboom portable speaker front side

The Megaboom is portable, checking in about 9 inches tall and 3.3 inches wide, with a sound level up to 90 dBa. The Bluetooth connectivity is good to about 100 feet of range, which is extremely impressive. It is also waterproof, meaning you can bring the Megaboom to the beach and feel comfortable that the party won’t stop. Perhaps the best part of the Megaboom, outside of quality or appearance, is the ability to stream to two devices at once. This means you can get one as a gift for a friend and grab one for yourself at the same time. Then, you can bring both somewhere and take control of two Megabooms at once, monopolizing both the playlist and the sound of the entire locale.

If you’re looking to grab a great bluetooth speaker for yourself or a friend this holiday season, your search should probably start with the UE Megaboom. Going for about $250, the speaker is a good value and whoever receives the gift will appreciate you for years, even if you can’t hear them over the music.

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