The Ultimate Tracker – The Spartan Sport GPS from Suunto

In this wondrous age of convergence, watches can have significantly more advanced and useful functions than telling the time. The Suunto Spartan Sport is a GPS watch that’s perfect for both athletes and adventurers. It supports over 80 sports including running, cycling, swimming, triathlon and adventure sports. The watch can measure, monitor and plan every step, stroke or pedal of your training/journey.

suunto spartan sport gps watch steps taken

The watch can plan your route with GPS when paired via Bluetooth to a device supporting Heatmaps. It can also measure your distance, steps taken, calories and heart rate. Personal bests and daily logs are recorded for comparison against your own times or peer groups. It can even sync with your mobile for easy communications while on the move.

suunto spartan watch calories and heart rate

The watch’s design is strong and sleek, with a stainless steel bezel and mineral crystal face, it’s suitable for all outdoor activities even the surf – water resistant to 100m. The battery life can last up to 16 hours. The outdoor-grade colour screen allows you to always see your progress no matter how bright the glare. Suunto Spartan Sport watches are handmade in Finland and will be available in September 2016. They will be available in blue, black, sakura and white.

suunto spartan watch training

suunto spartan watch distance