Unleash Your Inner Geek – Table Tennis Trainer

Ever watch a professional game of table tennis and amazed by the skill levels? Well this trainer can help. This is an interactive ping pong table that tracks the ball in real time to provide data visualisation and help players improve their game.

interactive table tennis trainer 7

It was developed by Thomas Mayer, a student from a university in Germany as part of his bachelor thesis project. The table is powered by two Playstation CL-eye cameras to track the movement of the ball and process data and an HD projector for the real-time visualisations. Mayer implemented a projected mapped interface, which displays player statistics directly on the surface of the table. If players want to change the traditional way of playing, they can use this interface to map new obstacles onto the surface of the table and trial with new rules. So players can have their own unique playing experience. It has an interactive dashboard that allows players to create profiles and measure their progress and access to data and statistics. This is the future of table tennis.