Untangle Your Cords with the Powercube

With the amount of devices on you these days, it can get out of hand to charge them all, let alone to have all of the necessary cords. The end result can be a horrible, messy and frustrating cluster of electronics running in every which way. The PowerCube is a cool product that aims to simplify and stylize your charging needs to make powering up your items look and work just a bit better.

allocacoc power cube

The PowerCube is a – wait for it – cube that provides power. You plug it into an outlet and then branch your other electronic needs from there. The end result is a charger port that looks cool and prevents cords from twisting all over each other. Throw one at home or the office and improve your relaxation immediately.

Check it out 

powercube use on office

purple powercube connected with device

two purple powercube

green powercube 4 socket mountable power board

red powercube 4 socket mountable power board