Upstream – Mohu Airwave

Is it just us or is every cable package on the planet 90% dead weight? We mean that literally–for every one channel we actually watch there are at least nine (if not way more) we could care less about. Meanwhile, the bill has never been higher, the fine print has never been more taxing, and customisation (i.e. choosing just the channels you want) isn’t even on the table. But fear not, dear viewers, because the resistance is underway. Streaming services like Netflix offer endless entertainment for one low monthly rate and most recently the Mohu AirWave debuted at CES 2017.

One thing is very obvious right away: Mohu feels your pain when it comes to over-stuffed, overpriced cable packages. But they actually did something about it by building a wireless antennae that picks up both TV and Wi-Fi signals to deliver the latest content from across all platforms. Plug the AirWave in and you’re getting all the benefits of modern media consumption minus the headaches. The only payment required is the purchase price–after that the cord is cut and you’re watching television for free.

Does free TV sound too good to be true? Yeah, it kind of does, and only time will tell if Mohu is a game-changer or yet one more brand that fell short while fighting the good fight. In the meantime, their heart is certainly in the right place and we’re definitely keeping an eye out for the AirWave, which comes to market in late spring.

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