Veil Safe – KILLSPENCER iPhone 7/7+ Leather and Wood Veils

The Spencer in KILLSPENCER is Spencer Nikosey, who began handcrafting sustainable products out of his LA workshop in 2009. In the time since, Spencer’s pastime has grown into a full-blown brand with a team of artisans handcrafting awesome accessories and goods and then selling them worldwide. Each product is still meticulously developed and manufactured on-site in LA with the utmost devotion to detail, sustainability and aesthetic. As to why Spencer thinks we should kill him, that might be a question only he can answer.

iphone wooden veil safe

KILLSPENCER’s latest is an exclusive range of “veils” for the new iPhone 7 and 7+. Not to be confused with a phone case, each veil is laser cut and hand-finished to offer the best in minimalist beauty as well as slim protection that yields to the phone’s sleek, natural vibe rather than overpower it. And when we say slim we mean slim. Each veil is less than 1mm thick, which is like “fit under the door” thin, and made from either premium leather or locally sourced wood veneers. The full range is as follows: Black Leather, Midnight Black Alcantara, Exotic Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, Walnut and Zebrawood.

iphone backside leather veil safe

Those out there who swear by the iPhone know that preserving the integrity of that lightweight design is absolutely essential when it comes to protection. The new KILLSPENCER veils honour the iPhone’s slim profile while adding a palpable dose of artisanal flair.

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iphone backside wooden case iphone side view