Virtual Reality Becomes Even More Real Thanks to HTC’s Vive Tracker

The HTC Vive tracker could be the most important virtual reality technology at this year’s CES. In fact, it is a game-changer in the world of VR. Creating a seamless, wireless connection between the Vive system and attached tools, this device allows users to bring any real-world object into the virtual world to be used as a controller. Want to use an actual baseball bat during a virtual baseball game and have accurate tracking of your swing too? The HTC Vive Tracker will let you do just that. This opens the door to a new wave of virtual reality simulations that are not confined to the limitations of a controller. Having a tangible object in your hand helps provide a much more realistic VR experience.

real thanks to htc vive tracker

The Vive Tracker, for use with HTC’s high-end Vive Virtual Reality System, can be attached to any external accessory. When attached, it will track just like the motion controllers that are available with the system. The Vive Tracker lasts six hours on a single charge. In addition, it is lightweight at only 85 grams, making it very easy to handle.

With its many applications, not only for gaming but for business and industry, expect to hear a lot more about the HTC Vive Tracker in the future.

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