Vizio SmartCast Sets The Soundbar Higher

There comes a moment in every man’s life when it’s time to upgrade from a ghetto blaster with an auxiliary cable to a fully-fledged home theatre system, and the folk at Vizio know this. While anybody with an HD flatscreen, PS4 / X-Box One and all the streaming services on Apple TV probably already has some kind of surround sound interface, everybody should have a look at this. This is the Vizio SmartCast soundbar. Soundbars are a convenient, compact way to get top-quality home theatre sound anywhere in the house, but what makes this one so great is the way it’s been integrated with just about everything else. You can configure a 2.1 or 3.1 soundbar, or add rear speakers and a super-slim subwoofer to get 5.1 DTS Dolby Digital surround sound. And at 104dB, it’s mighty loud. The speakers link wirelessly, can be installed all around the house to fill each room with the same music or audio, and the SmartCast features Bluetooth, WiFi and Google Cast, so it’s ridiculously easy to link devices and stream audio. The other clever concept is that Vizio include all necessary cables in the box, so there are no frustrating after-market purchases required. Overall this takes all the advantages of soundbar technology and vastly improves them to make a home theatre system that is truly immersive without breaking the bank.

vizio smartcast sets soundbar button and switch