Volt Car-Charging Drone: Ushering in a Brighter Future

92 white, a Korean innovator and designer has come up with a brilliant concept that paces the current aggressive growth in green technology and electric automotive endeavors.

volt car charging drone a product design

Through Adobe Photoshop and illustrator, 92 white has provided a product design and explanation of Volt Car-Charging Drones, which do exactly what they sound like. Volts are drones that provide electric car charging services, wherever they are needed.

volt car charging drone back side

Interest and ownership of electric cars is growing, but the infrastructure to support these trends is lagging behind. Public car charging stations are indeed being built across the country, but they’re not common enough yet to alleviate the fears of many electric drivers – some of which are too afraid to undertake long journeys in fear of not being able to make it to their destination. That’s where Volt comes in.

volt drone charging in the car

The four-winged, quad-copter drones take advantage of high stable structures, reduced impact landings, and vehicle identification capabilities to locate, track, and eventually charge electric cars that need a boost. All from the tap of one button on a mobile app.

While just a concept for now, this idea has far-reaching implications and could overhaul the electric car industry. 92 white is ahead of his time.

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