The Volta V is a Wooden Computer

Most people would not consider computers to be beautiful, but then they have probably not laid eyes on the Volta V. Inspired by the timeless design of handmade hardwood furniture, the Volta V is a handcrafted wooden computer that is made entirely from hardwood—either bamboo or walnut trees that are domestically-sourced in the U.S. It is just a little over 5-inches, which supports an ergonomically correct setup. It also features a space underneath the console to tuck the keyboard under the machine. This allows your keyboard to stay hidden when not in use and helps keep your office looking neat and tidy.

Just because it is beautiful doesn’t mean that the Volta V suffers from poor performance. On the contrary, this computer is designed to handle engineering work, design tasks and intense gaming with ease. It features a unique dust-filtration system that is combined with ultra-quiet fans and liquid cooling. This helps prevent dust from gathering in the case and keeps the Volta V cool and quiet without any throttling.

volta v wooden computer cpu inner

Computers typically last just a couple of years before they are replaced. The Volta V, on the other hand, is Designed for Life, which means that it will remain both stylish and useful for a long time to come. This computer features magnetic tool less entry and is designed with modular parts. These things allow it to be easily upgraded. The designers assure that this computer will be proactively supported with future upgrades and it also comes with a lifetime service guarantee.

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