Vortix Eye Massager is a Great Sight

The Vortix Eye Massager helps relieve the tension you might experience from seeing too much—not the sight, but the act of seeing. Stress and tension can build up from looking at a screen for too long, reading for extended periods, driving, or that last staring match. That stress and tension can not only lead to headaches, but insomnia as well. By alleviating some of that tension in the ciliary muscles of your eyes, you can also beat back that tension. It might also help reduce puffiness and dark circles by promoting blood circulation to the areas around your eyes. Vortix even says that a good eye massage can potentially even help with deteriorating eyesight.

The Vortix Eye Massager has six settings that you can choose from to customize how the Vortix massages the area around your eye and the muscles in your temple regions. Controls for the device are found on the panel of the massager. The device looks like a hard-shelled black out blinders. As it massages, the Vortix also warms, helping to soothe away tension and stress even more. Vortix is rechargeable and folds in half for easy transportation or storing in your desk drawer at work. So when your eyes get tired and tension starts to mount, reach for a Vortix Eye Massager.

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