Waggit is a Fitness Tracker for Your Pet

Waggit is the smartest collar your dog will ever wear. Waggit takes the health and wellbeing features found in wrist wear technology and inserts it into a collar to protect dogs and give pet owners the peace of mind. Man’s best friend has a hard time communicating. That’s why a Waggit collar is essential for tracking a dog’s vitals, plus activities, locations and more. With Waggit, you will know your dog’s wellbeing at all times.

Waggit learns what is ‘normal’ for your dog. That way, you know right away if something seems out of the ordinary. The collar monitors your dog’s laying position trends to help you indicate potential health issues early, or if your dog is in pain. Waggit will alert you to significant changes in your dog’s sleep patterns and activity levels, which could also be signs of health issues, and allows you to send a report to your vet.

waggit fitness collar

When the worst happens, and your dog is lost, Waggit can help you find them using the collar’s location tracker and built-in GPS. A virtual fence can also alert you when your dog goes outside the boundaries you’ve set, and ambient temperature alerts will let you know immediately to sudden temperature changes.

You can even track whether your dog gets enough activity on a daily basis, compare his activity time, distance and speed with that of similar dogs, and they can shine on the Waggit leaderboard.
Waggit also introduces smart nutrition formulas, which track the burned calories based not only on your dog’s parameters but his activity record as well.

waggit fitness tracker

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Whether you want your pet perfectly trained, or just not digging in the trash, the Waggit app comes complete with a training centre and ultrasound speakers to help teach your pup.

Waggit’s creators have already amassed over 100k on Kickstarter to fund their revolutionary smart collar, but there’s still time for you to sign up and score a collar for the early bird price of $199. Size and colour preferences will be taken after the campaign ends.

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