Walkera’s Voyager 4 Drone With 16x Optical Zoom and 4G Connectivity

The Voyager 4 is about to become Walkera’s flagship drone and despite its name, bears no affiliation to Star Trek. The onboard camera is capable of capturing 360-degree visuals thanks to the Gimbal stabiliser with native 1080p resolution. The incredible 16x optical zoom has a range of up to 1500mm, significantly higher than the competition. Although the impressive zoom option is an add-on, the standard version can still capture 4K footage.

Voyager 4 boasts WiFi connectivity that has a range well over 1km, and when the distance is too far, 4G has you covered. The Voyager can potentially go anywhere you receive phone service. Just don’t end up getting arrested. The new controller from Walkera is known as the Devo F18 and is designed to be more user-friendly, featuring multiple flight modes for the drone. There’s currently no release date or price so keep an eye open for the announcement which is expected soon.

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