WASP Drone Flamethrower Attachment Turns Your Toy into a Dragon

So, in their video, Throwflame claims that their WASP Flamethrower Drone Attachment “wields an array of utility for professional users.” That might well be true, and it’s plain to see that this isn’t your average drone attachment. Designed for drones that have a payload capacity of five pounds, the attachment “instantly delivers precision streams of fire.”

WASP Flamethrower

The attachment has a one-gallon capacity, which translates into over one and a half minutes of continuous fire with a range of 25 feet. The innovative rail slider system makes it easy to refuel and to add the attachment to any drone.

WASP Flamethrower with fire

Clearly this is a cool—or hot—attachment for any drone with the capacity to carry it. Surprisingly enough, the FAA doesn’t consider this attachment a weapon, though Throwflame does clearly state that operators should comply with any FAA regulations. Outside of the spectacle of seeing a 25-foot stream of fire flying out of your drone, you do have to wonder what purpose this attachment might serve. The site lists a few suggestions, such as clearing debris from power lines, (evidently it’s fairly common for power companies to clear lines using fire).

WASP Flamethrower Drone tool

You might also use it for pest management and nest elimination. Their video shows a wasp nest being incinerated by the flamethrower. Other suggestions include back-burns and contained pre-burns in difficult to reach places in order to help prevent forest fires. Throwflame even claims to have a few movie credits, citing use in films like The Punisher and The Purge, where their attachment was used in pyrotechnics and as props.

If you see yourself raining down fire with the WASP Flamethrower Drone Attachment, be prepared to hand over USD$1,499.

WASP Flamethrower Drone Attachment

The real question about all of this, however, is what “professional users” would need such a tool, and how does one go about getting that job?

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