WD My Book Duo Delivers Whopping 20TB of Storage

For those who seek enough storage to back up a small facility, look no further than the WD My Book Duo. It brings an impressive 20TB capacity to the table, literally, as in you can fit the compact external hard drive on the table right next to your laptop. Needless to say, if the My Book Duo isn’t able to properly store all your documents, photos, videos and music, then you have too many damn documents, photos, videos and music.

wd my book duo 20tb front side

Ready to go right out of the box, the My Book Duo provides seamless compatibility by way of a USB Type-C port, with all the necessary cables included. For a extra dose of versatility, the drive is also equipped with two USB 3.0 Type-A hub ports for syncing with additional accessories.

wd my book duo 20tb connected with pc

On the performance front, the My Book Duo is certainly no slouch. It comes with built-in WD Red drives and RAID-optimised firmware. That amounts to supremely accurately and fast performance speeds of 360MB/s2 when in default RAID-0 mode. If you Switch to RAID-1 configuration, you can mirror data on the internal WD Red drives. All of this and more inside a trusty, sleek black box of preciously modest size. Your call for back up has arrived.

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