We test out Samsung’s Series 9 65-inch 4K SUHD TV for the Rugby World Cup.

We make no secret of our approval of Samsung’s TVs. Their panels are often either at or ahead of the curve, whether it’s related to their resolution, shape, size, style, or their clarity. Samsung’s 65-inch Series 9 SUHD TV takes all of this experience and jam packs it together into one device. We were lucky enough to test out for the Rugby World Cup Final with some mates and it was hard to focus on anything but the positives.

people seen samsung 65 inch 4k suhd tv

So what’s really going on inside this TV? Well first of all, it features SUHD, which isn’t just Ultra HD (4K) with an S chucked-in before it. Imagine whatever word you want to follow the S – super, sexy, secret – they all sort of fit. Jokes aside, we do not mean to downplay the fact that it is a UHDTV though – the 4k quality is truly amazing on the display. There are a few tricks that Samsung has included in both the display and the software to make it a unique experience for anyone who buys one.

samsung 4k suhd tv using nano crystal technology

The LCD screen is made using Nano-crystal technology. Samsung says that this “provides more colours, contrast and brightness than previous Samsung TV models, for images that are stunning and detailed,” and they definitely aren’t lying. It basically makes the backlights on the TV display colors in deeper, more varied ways, which as you can imagine ups the quality quite a bit. It also features Samsung’s Precision Black Pro technology which allows it to display deep and nuanced blacks at a very high quality. So the TV is massive, it is high-res and it displays colors well – a solid winning formula.

samsung 4k suhd tv smart hub

The TV also features Samsung’s Smart Hub. This allows you to browse apps, live TV, recently accessed or recommended content and other goodies while your TV plays in the background. And while some Smart TV features swing and miss, Samsung’s Hub actually is quite good on content. It features integration with popular services like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and more. That being said, if you have an OTT player like an Apple TV or Chromecast, you won’t be throwing them out any time soon. The user interface is still limited on the Samsung Smart Hub when compared to third-party devices that many of us already own. It’s a nice addition, but not a game changer.

samsung 4k suhd tv top angled

As mentioned, the TV is of Ultra HD resolution. It seems like just months ago 1080p was still cool. Guess what – everything you know is a lie and 4k is the new wave. With a resolution 4x that of Full HD 1080p, you’ll now have even less reason to leave your house to see anything in real life. Gaming, watching movies or watching sports are all made very visceral due to the crazy resolution.


samsung 4k suhd tv side viewLast but certainly not least – the TV is curved. The gentle arc of the screen is designed to help provide an incredibly immersive experience without sacrificing quality, and it really is great. Now this may be a matter of preference, but the market is definitely shifting towards curved TVs. If you’ve ever been to an IMAX 3D movie and pooped your pants because the characters seemed so real, then you may want to stock up on adult diapers because the effect is the same here.

Put quite simply, if you have the cash this TV is a great investment. It is right on the cutting edge of today’s technology and should last into the foreseeable future. The resolution is excellent, it displays both blacks and colors extremely well, and the slight curve gives it a subtle but powerful effect on the viewing experience. The TV’s size is enough where it can be the centerpiece of your home theatre, or you can just toss it in the man cave and watch sports like you never have before. And as an added bonus, it looks great, with a very sleek, simple design that can class up a boring living room or fit right into a more modern one.

samsung 4k suhd tv curved screen

Just be clear that when you buy the TV you know two things. One, make sure you actually like a curved TV. The output is different than a flat screen and while it is unique, some may be put off by it. And second, don’t expect to get too much out of the Smart Hub. You definitely could use it a lot, but quite frankly, the usability is just not as good as a third party video streamer like an Apple TV.

Samsung Series 9 65 inch JS9000 4K SUHD TV