As You Wish – Lenovo Smart Assistant

Before the robot war there might first come some intense shouting matches between competing SmartHome appliances. Here to get the pot stirring is Lenovo, who at CES 2017 unveiled its new Smart Assistant, an interactive appliance that uses Amazon’s Alexa to make the home a better, louder place. Lenovo’s latest duly responds to voice commands and furthermore uses a ton of storage capacity to learn as it goes. We can already see the Echo getting jealous.

Based on Lenovo’s research and copious amounts of common sense, voice command is a massive hit. In fact technology brands are banking on the industry to rake in $1.7 trillion by 2020. Lenovo is hopping on the train early with this optimised smart appliance that employs things like eight 360-degree far-field microphones and echo cancellation to both pick up and respond to commands with the greatest of ease. And for those seeking an upgrade, consider the Harman Kardon edition, which delivers an even greater tier of audio quality.

The Lenovo Smart Assistant runs smoothly in conjunction with other smart home devices from the brand and brings us yet one step closer to some old horror movie premise where the house itself just starts taking things over on its own. Until then, we can enjoy the luxury of fulfilling all our entertainment needs from the comfort of the couch using only our voices. No more knobs, remotes or buttons–now that’s 21st century living!

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